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BluPrint is a group of TikTok Dancers , there real ages are not yet verified , Likewise their Boyfriend and Girlfriend , we will share with your the Biography , Net Worth and other facts below.


Note that this group is regarded as one of the best dancers in Tiktok App , the top points below are shared with 100% True facts , please share with your friends.

Top 5 Facts about BluPrint – Tiktok Dancers , @bluprint01 , Profile

1. They are normally called TikTok Breakdance dancers , their account has more than 3.8 Million Followers and 51.2M Likes

2. BluPrint describe themselves as CEO of Body Control and you can always contact them by sending a mail to blu@thefuelinjector.comBluPrint Biography

3. Their current net worth is valued at $2 Million , note that this includes paid partnership and other company deals.

4. The real age of these Group is estimated at 23 Years and 24 Years , respectively.


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Best Duo vibes @taylor_thatdancer ⚡️

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5. No account of keeping any relationship has been recorded for the 2 , but we promise to keep you updated on their relationship status.

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