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Who Is Christen Dugger ? – Biography @christendugger TikTok

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Christen Dugger
Christen Dugger

Christen Dugger is a TikTok Card Magician born on July 28th 1992 (27 Years) , She has over 428.6K Followers on the TikTok App , Read her Biography , Age and other facts below.

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Top 10 Facts About Christen Dugger @christendugger TikTok

1. Christen Dugger was born on July 28th 1992 (27 Years)

2. She lives in Portland, Oregon , United State in her house together with few friends and her Dog

3. Her Current Net Worth is valued at $500,000 , this includes paid partnership and other deals , this fact is not yet verified by forbes.Christen Dugger Profile

4. According to online statistics , Christen Dugger is not yet married and as at April 2020 , she is still single , we promise to keep you updated on this fact.

5. In Physical Appearance , Christen Dugger is 1.69m in height and slimy beautiful in physical appearance.

6. So many people believe that Christen Dugger is not a real magician , her magic videos are achieved through video editing and manipulations.Christen Dugger Net Worth

7. You can connect with her for ambassadorial deals and other paid partnerships by clicking or visiting her tiktok page

8. We will keep you updated on other facts about Christen Dugger while her online presence grow on daily basis.

9. Seems she is dating Robby Cole , this fact is not yet verified.

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