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Top 5 Facts About Dahlia Valentino – @dahlia.valentino TikTok

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Dahlia Valentino is a tiktok video creator and editor born on April 2nd 2002 (18 Years) , she has more than 570k Followers and 4 Million Likes , Read her Biography and other facts below.

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Dahlia Valentino
Dahlia Valentino

Top 5 Facts About Dahlia Valentino – @dahlia.valentino TikTok

1. She celebrated her 18th Birthday on April 2nd 2020 (18 Years)

2. She is beautiful and about 1.69m in height , talented and ready to teach people on how to make TikTok Videos.

3. Dahlia Valentino is the CEO of pigtails , the nature of her company or business was not described on her Instagram page.

4. No Account of keeping any relationship has been recorded for this talented beauty , as at April 2020 Dahlia Valentino is still single , we promise to keep you updated on her relationship status.Dahlia Valentino Biography

5. You can always contact her through her social media handles , the Phone Number of Dahlia Valentino and her email is not shared with fans , click the links below to stay connected with her.



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