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Who is Daniel Vermaak ? – Biography , @danielxv_ TikTok Star

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Daniel Vermaak is one of the Online TikTok Stars @danielxv_ , Born on Feb 07, 2003 (17 Years) , He is from South Africa , his biography , Age and Other facts about him will be shared below:

Daniel Vermaak
Daniel Vermaak

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Daniel Vermaak Biography / Wikipedia

Daniel Vermaak is a well-known crowned TikTok star. Daniel Vermaak gained fame for his stylish fashion worn while lip-syncing to popular music including duets.Daniel Vermaak Biography

Daniel Vermaak was born on February 7, 2003, in South Africa. As of 2020, he turns 17 years old and his birth sign is Aquarius. Furthermore, he holds South African nationality.

As shared by biographymask , Daniel has never mentioned his parent’s names on any platform. However, he has two sisters but their names are still unknown.

Daniel Vermaak AgeDaniel Vermaak Age

He was born on Feb 07, 2003 (17 Years)

Daniel Vermaak Nationality

He is from South Africa

Daniel Vermaak GirlfriendDaniel Vermaak Girlfriend

There is no record of keeping a relationship as at April 2020 , although he has many female friends , we promise to keep you update in terms of his love life and relationship status.

Right now Daniel Vermaak is single

Daniel Vermaak Net WorthDaniel Vermaak Net Worth

His current net worth is valued at $1 Million , this fact is net yet verified by Forbes.

Daniel Vermaak Contact / Phone Number

There is no current phone number of Daniel Vermaak available online , but you can use other contact details shared below:

Email: daniel.vermaak@outlook.com



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