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10 Things you don’t know about Shogo Twins – @shogotwins (TikTok)

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Shogo Twins whose real names are Rad Shogo and Dylon Shogo are popular Tiktok stars born on November 18, 1998 (21 Years Old) in United States Of America.

Below are the shocking details of Shogo Twins you don’t know.Shogo Twins

Shogo Twins Biography

Rad and Dylon  was born in United states , they are popular TikTok Stars with more than 1.7 Million Followers and 32.2  Million Likes , They are about 1.59 m.Shogo Twins Biography

More details are shared below:

Shogo Twins AgeShogo Twins Age

They were born on November 18, 1998 (21 Years Old)

Shogo Twins GirlfriendShogo Twins Girlfriend

They have no girlfriend as at the time of publication , but this page will always be updated with more facts about Shogo Twins Girlfriend.

Shogo Twins Net Worth

Their current net worth is valued at $3 Million

Shogo Twins NationalityShogo Twins Nationality

They are Americans , born in United States Of America in 1998.

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